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Character Design Explore character psychology through their visual design Color & shapes Inspired by fashion, social events and pop culture Illustration Navigate between magic, poetry and nostalgia
Aurélia de Boüard

Character Designer & Illustrator


I'm Aurélia, a french character designer living in Sweden.
Known for being a colour enthusiastic artist, passionate about fashion and sociology, I'm using mixed media in my work and adore solving problems under a creative approach.
I love to distort cliché, playing around pop-culture pieces and making them coexist with ancient history, creating new representations in line with a new times!

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I share my tips, knowledge, struggle and accomplishment to demystify the art process. Pour a cup of coffee and take one of my cosy pillows, let me tell you the story...


She get what I think. She is a good listener and she's a fast executive. She will treat your project with love and care! -Zuzana

She immediately got the spirit I wished for the creations! Her work is creative, intuitive and she is super friendly. -Auriane

She is always ready to help and has offered me the best of advice and experience. Aurélia taught me to create a routine and to develop my artistic style. -Beatriz

    Make magic yourself!

    I wished I had a big sister to whisper in my ear how to be an artist and crack the code...
    Allow me to share with you all the secrets I learn over the years since I started my career with all the insights into my creative process.
    Being an artist is one thing, being an entrepreneur is another, but no one says they were incompatible!

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