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Hi, I'm Aurélia!

Aurélia de Boüard | 29th May 1990 | Bordeaux


I’m a character designer, painter, and illustrator known for my work on the mobile game Crash Bandicoot on the Run! I love experimenting with mixed media like gouache, paper cut and watercolour to infuse it in my characters work.

Known for being a colour enthusiastic artist (and a coffee addict), passionate about fashion and sociology, I adore solving problems and distort cliché.


I grew up among an universe littered with acrylic tubes and paintbrushes from my parents’ atelier. I was never afraid of using materials to express myself and it was a real breeding ground to develop my creativity.

Despite everything, I didn’t think I’ll become an artist at all!  I wanted to be a paleontologist and hoped to make the major discovery of a new species of dinosaur.

At 12yr old I took part in the comic book competitions in Angoulême (this until I was 18yr old) and won several prizes which encouraged me to pursue drawing. My schooling was not a long calm river and I have trouble expressing myself socially, drawing has always been my communication tool.


As a young adult, I couldn’t decide what career path I wanted, at first I wished to make a stop-motion animation movie so I choose a literature baccalaureate with a cinema option (Lycée de l’image et du son in Angoulême). After I graduated I wanted to work in fashion, so I took an upgrade class for applied arts (MANAA). After obtaining my second diploma I come back to animation movies to learn character design and enrolled at Lisaa (The Institute of Applied Arts), in Paris. 

My last degree in my pocket, my career as a character designer begins! In 2014 I went to Manchester (Studio Distract) in a company that made animated films for children’s television. Then I went to work in Belfast (Flickerpix) for a Stop Motion film. And finally, in 2016 I was recruited at King and I still work there today as a lead character designer on the mobile game Crash Bandicoot on the Run!


In 2019 the Grow team contacted me to collaborate on a rainforest charity artzine, using all benefits for protecting and restoring tropical forests and biodiversity.

In 2021 I feel the need to share more knowledge with people and start doing presentations. I discovered how much I love sharing and began to offer some mentoring sessions to young artists. Then I set up a Patreon in which I share all my creative processes without any filter and in the greatest authenticity.

Today I am proud to write that I created this website from A to Z  (in the sweat of my brow) from my little studio in Sweden where I currently draw when I’m not travelling the world… 

If you have any question check my FAQ , and if you are a student who need advice just send me an email and I will be happy to answer